21 Quick Actions You Can Do Today That’ll Start You Out Towards Personal Fulfillment

This is perhaps going to be one of the best resources you’ve ever come across on your quest for personal fulfillment.

Some of these things are what you have done, maybe most of them but I guarantee you’ve not done all of them. If you have, please we need to pal ‘cos I want to borrow your brain.

You probably are wondering now the kind of recipe that will follow this list.

Before I lift it right off the bat, I want to tell you this one thing:

For this few minutes (about 15 – 25 minutes depending on how fast a reader you are), forget about all you’ve known; put aside your sentiments and open your mind afresh.

If you aren’t ready to do that, please kindly close this page and never come back.

I said that because what you’ve known is the greatest enemy of what you should know. It seats right there like the boss of you and dictates to you what to assimilate. And you know what? That ego of knowledge is what you can’t fight. You better not even start it. The only thing therefore is to silence it before you get started.

So are you ready?

(SideNote: There are lots of helpful links in this article. Make sure you follow them. Trust me, you’ll love them!)

Okey-dokey, let’s get it rolling.

1.      Find your areas of foolishness

We all have it, no doubt. If you don’t, you are a liar. Check this out:

It was said that Walt Disney would relief stress by getting drunk and drawing pornographic cartoons featuring the Disney characters. Isn’t that silly? But did that affect him? Maybe. Maybe not. Even if it did, we all can’t forget his profound impact in the field of entertainment. May be yours is an unexplainable crave for women. Well, Bill Gates once changed his school’s program codes so he was placed in class with mostly female students. Surprise, huh? Did that affect him?

Those areas of foolishness are a fraction of what made you who you are and will eventually be. Never capitalize on them either ‘cos if you do, they’ll become your self-limiting tendencies.

2.     Discover what doesn’t come easy for you – your headaches

You have your strengths and of course, the opposite. You are good at some things and sure, the opposite.

There are things that come easy for you. Yet some are so hard that you literally squeeze yourself through them and after all, you still feel unfulfilled. Capitalize on those things that come easy for you, master and focus on them ‘cos therein lies your fulfillment.

3.     Are you under an Illusory Superiority? Deal with it!

That is what is called the Dunning-Kruger effect. Are you the type that won’t accept your shortcomings? It’s obvious for all to see but you prefer to argue your way into ‘the feeling of superiority’. You know what? You suck to live with. And that’s the plain truth. Get over it!

4.     Learn how and when to quit

There is a specific time and season for everything it is you are doing. You know, it was crazy for the famed Oprah to close her well received show after 25 years, wasn’t it? But in this three minutes video, she explained why she was quitting and of course, that was well understood. Maybe you are stuck in that thing you are doing, better worse, your glory days in it are gradually turning gory, sometimes leaving you suddenly irritated with what was once a burning passion. Perhaps, you’ve tried harder than expected to get it all up and rolling again but your efforts keep hitting the rocks. I have one thing to tell you; QUIT!

5.     Go to school

I mean really go to school. You might want to say, Beyonce never finished high school, even all the richest of all never finished college so why should I border myself with ‘school’. One thing I’ve learnt with time is that, you cannot grow in isolation, nobody does! You need people around you to show you a lot about how to move ahead.

And don’t you confuse your environment with the global idea that ‘school sucks’. Depending on where you are reading this from right now. Bill Gates, Beyonce, and the likes grew up in a first world country where dreams are easier fulfilled than the third world or underdeveloped countries where you have to literally fight your way to the top amidst varied limitations. Be wise, friend!

6.     Forget the rules and create yours

Just like Thomas Edison once yelled “Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something”, I say, there are no set rules guiding the path you are treading; there are only patterns that people have set for themselves (tweet this). And you know what? That might not fit yours. This is why I have issues with motivational speakers who try to literally prescribe their path to their followers. May be you are one of them. Forget it! Pick key lessons from their experiences and apply to your life then move on – create your own rules.

7.      Distance your family

Why should I even think of such? Well, your family can be a succor at the same time an enemy, especially when you want to start out on a new venture. They feel they have the capacity to protect you from a lot of hiccups on your way up but often forget the fact that you need that isolation that breeds the ideas which will take you to the top. The popular leadership and kingdom teacher, Myles Munroe, once testified leaving his family was the best thing that ever happened to him. Why not? Are you going to live with them forever? Why not leave now?

8.     Quit your relationship, if you can

Hell NO! Hey, I don’t mean your marriage. I mean your premarital relationship. Tell me, you are in a quest for personal fulfillment and you are stuck in what is not getting you close. Better worse, (s)he’s not even helping you grow. What are you going to do? It’s difficult, especially that feeling of guilt when you rip someone’s heart apart. But think your future, think your relationship. Which do you prefer? Maybe yours is a long-term relationship and you don’t know how to get your head out? Steve Pavlina’s How to Decide When to End a Long-term Relationship can be a great help.

9.     Fall in Love

Contrasting, right? I know. I needed to clear something. Maybe you are almost there. You’ve got your focus and rightly aligned but contemplating on the next thing to do. Fall in love, with someone of like passion. That can be the best thing that’ll happen to you. Two creative minds together can be a fulfilling adventure. You can start out with this article

10. Quit religion and follow what works

Religion is the worst thing that happened to humanity. It limits you in ways you can’t even imagine. It forms a stereotyped mentality. It limits your thinking capacity and most times make you believe a lie about who you really are. What do you believe in? I believe in no religion. I believe in Jesus. That is what works for me. That is the source of my creativity, peace, and livelihood. What do you believe in? What really works for you?

11.   Quit your job, if you have to

You are stuck in a 9 to 5. You are well paid but going to work every day drives you nut. Worst still, your deep seated passion keep calling and that on its own is ripping the life out of you; depressed, confused, and unfulfilled. Why not just quit? Read What 7 Pros Told Me About Fulfillment That’ll Change Your Life Forever. That’ll help motivate you in that line. Kristi Hines, Tom Ewer, and Jimi Tewe can all tell you the same thing.

12.  Start writing or talking

There is magic in articulating your worries. I personally prefer to write them down but some prefer to talk to someone. Either way, it lifts a chunk of those worries off your chest and make you feel better. You might want to start an online journal just like Pat Flynn started his Green Exam Academy that latter turned into a mega online business for him. People might become interested in your story and start pushing your work out to inspire others, making you an inspiration and of course, you can turn that into a business. In this podcast with Yaro Starak, Pat explained how it worked for him.

13.  Read at your pace

One thing we are used to is the fact that we think we can just grab all the information we need right away. Even those in the Mensa Club understands that information consumption is a gradual process and if consumed without a plan, it can lead to what Chase of Think Traffic called Infoprepassionprodlearning Syndrome. Develop a reading plan. Amassing knowledge is not as important as properly assimilating that knowledge and turning it into wisdom.

14. Go silent – hide yourself and don’t come out too soon

For some time now, I’ve been silent. And a lot of people would call and ask “Michael, what’s going on?” In their mind, I wasn’t doing anything but I knew what I was up to. We are used to being too shouty (if there is a word like that), too loud, and too eager to shoot out our latest and brightest ideas. If you don’t understand the growth principle of a butterfly, your ‘assumingly posh’ idea will soon be killed. Before you come out, go in and absorb all you need to absorb about your idea so that when you come out, we know you are ready.

15.  Seek counsel from the Pros in your field

For me to relaunch this site, I asked a lot of questions (I mean a whole lot). I asked so many Pros about my new feat and amazing enough, they were all glad to help. You know, many times we feel we don’t have access to the right people to ask questions. But I tell you, they are as easy as you can’t imagine to approach, if you know how. This guest post by James Clear will start you out on that.

16. Stop your assumptions

Assumptions are only what I call illusory recipes to pending issues (tweet this). It is the easiest way to go down the spiral. And you know what follows? Disappointments, embarrassments, and of course, heart aches. Go ask that question, go do that thing you think is worthy of that pay and stop assuming it will come.

17.  Take a course (self-taught)

I’m of the opinion that there is nothing you can’t teach yourself, if you dedicate enough time to learning it. When I wanted to have my own personally hosted wordpress site, I took to learning all that is to it. And to give credit, most of the things I know about wordpress today, I learnt them from the youtube video tutorials of Tyler Moore, Lisa Irby and EliTheComputerGuy. However, to increase your learning skills, Josh Kaufman in his new book, The First Twenty Hours, made it clear how easy rapid learning can be. Either a cognitive or mental skill, he is of the opinion that you can learn anything it is you want to learn in a freaking twenty hours. I think you should check that out.

18. Take a course (Premium)

If you don’t have enough time to dedicate to self study, you might as well be ready to pay for them. And a good way to start is by surfing the net to find your best fit. If you are a blogger, I have a few recommendations: Corbett Barr’s How to Start a Blog That Matters, Danny Iny’s Write like Freddy, Carol Tice’s Freelance Writer’s Den, and Kristi Hines’s Blog Post Promotion.

19. Get a book

And I mean just a book. What is it exactly you want to do? It is advisable you get one how-to resource that will guide you towards accomplishing it (coupled with your instincts) than getting varied resources that’ll confuse your next step. This is what I do. I surf the net at random and read as much as I can then pause, get a how-to book and follow the instructions, literally.

20.   Pray

The importance of seeking guidance from the Supreme Being cannot be over emphasized. He owns the earth and rules the affairs of men. He can tell you the hiccups that might impede your growth so why not say a word of prayer?

21.  Take action

I can go on to list more but it isn’t necessary. Without action, your personal fulfillment is only a mirage. Tick tick tick says the clock. What you have to do, do it fast.

Is this post helpful? I love comments. Go down to the comment section and tell us how helpful and add more of yours that you think will help others. Please share with your friends. You know, they just might need it more than you do.

Thanks to Corbett Barr for the inspiration for this post format with his epic shit – 21 Quick Actions You Can Do Today to Set Your Blog up for Massive Success


Michael Agene is a freelance writer with special interest in personal fulfillment as he believes everyone deserves a fulfilled life; race, region, and challenges regardless. You can follow him on twitter @iamAmic.

11 thoughts on “21 Quick Actions You Can Do Today That’ll Start You Out Towards Personal Fulfillment

  1. Tony Ekwoaba

    Great write up. Wonderful, splendid.

    You will be amazed to know some people’s foolishness, I got mine too, and pls don’t ask me now. Wait for my autobiography.
    Great one on quitting, Oprah’s example, an amazing one.
    About rules, another good one, just as we have different faces, so are our rules to success. On family, relationship, and religion…my take is Run, Run, Run for your dear life if any of those have become hiccups to your way to the top. Look in wards, you sure will find a way to deal with it. When U are at the top, just like Job had it, they will all come back.
    On talking the talk, I think it’s better having your ideas to yourself till they become realities, only share with a few, the very few that you think are thinking alike, that would help you fine tune it.
    But going silent is still the best.

    I learnt a lot from this piece,

    1. Michael AgeneMichael Agene Post author

      I agree with you, Tony. About holding your ideas, it isn’t actually holding it till they become realities but before you share it with like minds, you should first incubate, study and understand it before letting it out. That makes you a master of that idea and helps its fruition.

      Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate!

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  3. Lilly

    You ought to be a part of a contest for one of the highest quality
    blogs on the internet. I am going to highly recommend this

  4. reward

    Hi mickey! Epic piece as always. You always deliver. Well, here are my lame thoughts:
    I would rather one gets an education than go to school. Really, they are very different things.
    Uhhhm, what if one’s area of foolishness leads one to sin. Some peeps kinda have a hard time stopping a bad habit once they begin.
    Yea ryt, I would love to leave my parents’ house but would you accomodate me? Lol
    Rather than quit your job (like that’s as easy as you make it sound), plan your exit. That’s more preferrable.

    1. Michael AgeneMichael Agene Post author

      I agree with you, Reward. Of course, you get educated, in many ways, in school (socially, emotionally, mentally and otherwise).

      Secondly, if you read that very well, your areas of foolishness are NOT your bad habits (very different!). As humans, we all have some form of frailties, better said, weaknesses. Capitalizing on them is a dead end – that’s the point!

      And…Yes, of course. I could accommodate you, if I see how serious you are to live (and not just pursue) your passion (within reasons). The fact is, many are wasting in the comfort of their ‘family house’. You know, with such comfort zone, your tenacity is reduced by half but when you step out, purpose-driven, to craft your own space in the universe, your speed is unimaginable.

      I didn’t advised anyone to quit their jobs neither did I say quitting a job is that easy. I said “quit your job, if you have to” then I provided links to those who have done it so you follow their exit plan. Isn’t that fair enough?

      Pls read well before you comment, OK?

      I appreciate the compliment, Reward.

    1. Michael AgeneMichael Agene Post author

      I’m glad you like it, Ikechi. And thanks for the compliment.


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