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Think FulfillmentHey Ace.

I believe creative people, in their various fields, are the assigned custodians of this world. They give life a meaning and make it worth living. They motivate, inspire, and encourage the weary mind through their arts, expressed in a variety of ways.

They are the makers of music, the writers and publishers of quality contents, the magnetic speakers, the developers of intelligent applications, the creators of poetry, the inventors of smart gadgets, the idea bank for start-ups and simply put, the lateral thinkers.

But I know what it means to be a frustrated creative.

I know what it means to be in a constant fight with your ideas, holding depressing thoughts about a dear project whose clarity isn’t forthcoming, but in an entangled battle to keep it alive.

I know what it means to undergo the bloggers/writers block, counting fruitless hours and sometimes days of no traction.

I know what it means to be in that creative manic state where the fight between enthusiasm and depression never ends.

Most times, it hurts to suddenly realize your competence has developed wings and flown to ‘God knows where’.

Yet, I strongly believe you deserve to be more than just momentarily happy over a single feat; you deserve to live a fulfilled life. You can always enjoy your moments even in the midst of the creativity turbulence. And this site is dedicated to doing just that.

This site features:

  • Epic profiles that’ll challenge you to trump your fears and focus more on your strengths
  • Interviews that’ll show you the practicality of what it means to live fulfilled as a creative person
  • Unconventional thoughts that’ll break your schema and help curb your self-limiting tendencies
  • Examples of creatives like you who are up and rolling, to kick your mediocrity at its butt
  • And of course time-tested resources that’ll guide you on your path.

What you should do

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A little About Michael Agene

Think Fulfillment

I’m Michael Agene. For short, you can call me Amic. I love creative people and love to see you do your thing and enjoy it. I also love to help organizations attain their business goals by writing epic customer-inviting contents for them. Read more about me here

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